01/18/00-The Forever video is done!!!! You gotta see it, it's amazing! Now that Forever is done, I hope Berzerker does decide to make more  videos, the next one would be Burnt.

01/02/01-The Forever video is 95% complete.

12/14/00-I will start with the bad news. It's confirmed the new live album will NOT happen, The Berzerker said it came out "fucked". Now with the good news, he said he might try to do videos for all of the songs on the cd! He's gonna do them right down the line, so Burnt would be next, then Pain, and so on.

11/30/00-The Berzerker have recorded a live cd!! No word yet when it will be available.

10/23/00- The Berzerker have begun work on the new Forever video! , I can't wait!

10/11/00-A Berzerker shirt is now purchasable at shop.earache.com, only $13.

9/30/00-The Berzerker will not play at the Dismember Festival because the promoter could not afford them.

9/6/00-Good news The Berzerker have found a drummer!

9/5/00-The video for Forever will be done in couple of weeks.

9/4/00-The video for Forever is going to be a live concert.

9/3/00-The Berzerker are currently drummer less. They have been searching for a replacement drummer all over Australia. They can't start touring till they find a drummer. There is going to be a video for Forever. The Berzerker shirts are about to be printed, so look for those soon.

9/2/00-The Reality video is being edited so it can be shown on tv.

7/16/00-The Berzerker said the are planning action figures!?

You probably already know this by now, but the Reality video has been banned by MTV.

The Berzerker plan to release shirts, posters, and other stuff very soon.