04/10/01- GO HERE

03/31/01-Be here April 10th for a special surprise!

02/09/01-Finally after a long wait, an update. Added an interpretation. Added artwork. For some reason Tripod won't let me put up those Berzerker songs, only the Intro to Broken works. So here's what I can do, you can download the Mp3s off me on Napster, my screen name is lurchx2 or you can email me what songs you want. The songs I have are Braindead, Freedom, Inextricable Zenith, Once Upon the Cross, and Fuckin' Animals. I put up the US and Canada tour dates.

01/21/00-Added 2 interpretations, February and Inextricable Zenith. Im going to be fixing all those broken links in the music section soon.

01/18/00-Added some news. Added tour dates. Im going to be  changing the discography section around soon. Finally I have gotten my Berzerker shirt, and I got my autographed Berzerker CD too. I'll tell you about the autographed CD later, in full detail.

01/11/01-Put up the interpretation for Massacre. Also added the complete Freedom to the music section.

01/10/01-Finally an update, sorry bout not updating. I added 2 new interpretations, Reality and Fuckin' Animals. I plan to put up another one soon, Inextricable Zentih. I updated the Tour section. I don't have the time to put up Freedom yet.

01/03/01-Added the mystery. Added Intro to the songs section.

01/02/01-Added some news. I added three songs to the Interpretations. I should put up more tomorrow. I still gotta put up the music, and that mystery.

01/01/01-Happppyyyy New Year everyone. Like the new layout?  It didn't come out like I expected. I will be adding the Interpretations soon. As well as the complete Freedom, and the intro to the Broken EP. A new mystery has been brought to my attention, and it will be added. Hmmm, that's all I can think of at the moment. Oh yeah, I put up all the songs I will be putting up for Interpretations.