There are hidden pictures in the Reality video. You can't see them if you see it on the computer. They can't display them fast enough.

The Berzerker did alter their masks.

The Berzerker can reach speeds up to 600 beats per min.

While recording The Berzerker cd they used a drum machine, but on the live shows they use a real drummer.

The Berzerker ran a couple of hardcore clubs in Melbourne,in 1995. He also ran a hardcore radio show in '96-'97.

The song Chronological Order of Putrefaction is about the order of events that take place when a dead body is decomposing.

- Cannibal Rights - is a factual story about two men feasting on their
relatives, for the purpose of gaining the skills to hunt and generally live,
but not knowing of a law that had been recently passed stating that the
punishment for cannibalism had been changed from imprisonment to the death
sentence. These men were executed for carrying out one of their tribes
traditions, and the fact that they knew nothing of why they were executed.

- Pain - another factual story of a woman that had her face literally ripped
from her skull in a milking farm accident. Her hair was caught in a machine
and slowly her face was torn from her skull. The only part of her face that
was left intact was one of her ears and part of her lower jaw. The song
deals with the agony of the injury and tries to draw the listener in to the
feelings that must this woman must have felt. It also deals with what it
must of looked and felt like for her husband, who found her lying in a pool
of blood some 20 minutes after the initial accident. With her face still
trapped and spinning in the machine. Incidentally the woman lived and had
her face reattached.

The video for Reality took 4 days to shoot and edit, at a cost of $320.

The Berzerker are from Melbourne,Australia (southeast Australia).

The Berzerker have been releasing records since 1996,but only records, their first CD was in 2000. The records are very rare right now,so if you see one buy it!

The Berzerker are fans of the band Carcass.

The Berzerker like to think of themselves as a whole rather than individuals.

Earache didn't want to spend anymore than 10,000 recording the CD. After 10,000 The Berzerker had not finished recording it, so The Berzerker spent their own money to finish recording it.

The thing that is on the cover of The Berzerker CD is called the iron dragon.