How The Berzerker started, told by The Berzerker himself.

"The original musical concept of The Berzerker was created in 1995 by myself. It was later named The Berzerker in 1996. it was some what of a hybrid style of death metal of speedcore. It was created in that way for the simple fact- I was involved in a horrific car accident in 1995 (all the experts said that I should have not survived) and due to the accident I was unable to continue with one of my only interests, playing drums. Around that time music itself seemed as if it would be something I was unable to participate in. I decided to sell almost all of my drum kit's and with the money I attained I purchased samplers and sequencers. My initial idea was to make some sort of electronic death metal, so I could program the drums and sample all the other instruments. It was intended to be a live group, but at that time there was only one, myself."