Keep in mind when you read these, that these are not officially what the songs mean. They are just my views, and what I get from the songs. If you have your own interpretations, and would like to share them with everyone. Then please email me them and I will put them up.

Reality | Forever | Burnt | Massacre | Deform | February | Ignorance | Humanity | 95 | Ode To Nash | Fuckin' Animals | Inextricable Zenith

This is about people who try to be something they are not, aka trendy. They are always trying to do what is considered "hip" or whatever they call it nowadays. They are following all of the trendy people, they are being uncreative. "The uncreative juices flow from all but a selective few, and even those they tend to be wasted" All of the people that live their own lives do not live up to their full potential. Society has become corrupt because of it. "So to be one with man I must be false to myself" he must become trendy to be one with man, he can not live his own life, then he will become one with man.

Interpretation by: "Kate Willson"
I feel that the song forever is about a deep inner sadness that he has inside of him.The line cotaining the words bloodshot eyes indicates he may have been crying or using drugs/alcohol to make himself feel better.This could be another 'Ode to Nash'.

I feel that this song is about being really arrogant, and believing that you are something really big and powerful. But really, when it comes down to it your are weak and pathetic.

This one is easy, it's about an extreme hatred for humanity.
In some parts of this song it sounds like someone is saying "Yessss", as if to say how ignorant humans are.
To me this has to be one of the most disturbing tracks. If you listen real close you can hear "Why, oh god why". He is expressing his pain, form what seems to be a traumatic event, which can mean his car accident in which he should have died.
Ode To Nash
This is another disturbing song. This song has gotta be about a person that was close to The Berzerker, the person has died. The song tries to open up a frequency to "Nash", and give them one final message. In some parts you can hear spoken words like "This is impossible" and "Nooo".
Fuckin' Animals
He is basically calling humans fuckin' animals.
Inextricable Zenith
There is not a lot to go by in the lyrics, so let's look at the title of the song, Inextricable Zenith. Inextricable means incapable of being disentangled or untied. Zenith means the highest point. So relate that to The Berzerker and you get this, The Berzerker believes he is a higher power incapable of being broken down.